Biography of Eileen Maddocks

Writer and editor, storyteller, ballet dancer

Life for Eileen Maddocks has been a series of quite differing tableaus, some good and some not only not-so-good but harrowing. But she focused on the good and pushed ahead because she has always been a person of faith.

Photograph of Eileen Maddocks
Eileen Maddocks

Eileen’s mother, who was raised in the Millerite tradition in the Advent Christian Church, studied Christian history and theology and raised her children in liberal Protestantism. But the stories of the Advent Christian grandparents and their church’s tent meetings were family lore.

Always a spiritual seeker, Eileen went to various Christian churches but did not find the answers to her questions. Then she explored New Age concepts for many years. In 1989, when the bottom dropped out of her life, she discovered the Bahá’í Faith and subsequently served at the Bahá’í World Centre in Haifa, Israel, for 16 years as a researcher and writer. And all her life tableaus since becoming a Bahá’í have been good!

Upon retirement, she returned to her New England heritage and is now a writer and editor living in the bucolic state of Vermont. Billboards are banned in Vermont!

Millerite heritage spurred Eileen to research the life of William Miller

Having spare time in retirement, Eileen was spurred by her heritage to research the life of William Miller and follow the convergent threads of prophecy from various religions that pointed to that pivotal year—1844. Her research became the exciting book 1844: Convergence in Prophecy for Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the Bahá’í Faith.

The Coming of the Glory

She is now working on her trilogy The Coming of the Glory, of which volume 1 was published in April 2020, and volume 2 will be released in the summer of 2021, and volume 3 in 2022.

Her new artistic mode is presenting segments from her books in a PowerPoint format on Zoom.

Eileen describes herself as a curious student, always trying to learn. She tries to write in a manner designed to encourage readers to seek and explore for themselves.

One impossible-but-true tableau of Eileen’s life neatly erased the not-so-good ones. She was a semi-professional ballet dancer in her retirement! Never say never, never say too old. Her cerebral lifestyle has been balanced with a serious study of ballet and four seasons of performing in Farm to Ballet, a summer production of Ballet Vermont that brings classical ballet to Vermont farm venues for thousands of people. Imagine dancing on spongy grass with the breezes blowing and cows and sheep mooing and baaing their comments from afar.